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You will see like never before.

iLASIK Surgery

Laser surgery is a process that will bring you to a long-term and satisfied life without glasses. In our centre we use technology to remove refractive defects as the only technology certified by NASA. Highest quality and our most experienced team of specialists trusts also many colleagues doctors, athletes, artists and scientists who believe in what we do.

Femtolaser surgery

This is the method with the fastest healing time. The majority of patients will return to their normal life within 12 hours. The principle of this intervention is in the cooperation of two lasers. The first one, which is the femtosecond laser creates a protective flap on the surface of the eye. An excimeric laser is applied underneath this flap and removes dioptres. The exactness and precision of this process will allow you to look at your surroundings without spectacles and without any pain already just a few minutes after the surgery.

Your nearsightness, farsightness or astigmatism (cylinders) will be, based on the so called digital map (WaveScan) of your refractive defect harmlessly and perfectly reduced. We will gain this map during an individualized preoperative examination. This data includes information about the detailed curvature of your cornea, its unevenness and the presence of refractive defects of lower and higher degree. Based on this data, we will carry out the treatment which will accurately correspond to the needs of your eye so after the treatment your vision will be of the best quality and sharpness.

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