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Eye Surgery

Modern care

Every patient comes with his own story and ideas of the treatment result, which we are trying to fulfill. We are the only clinic in Slovakia that uses equipment certified by NASA for removing dioptric defects.


Laser eye surgery

Laser surgery is a process that will bring you to a long-term and satisfied life without glasses. In our centre we use technology to remove refractive defects as the only technology certified by NASA.

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Cataract surgery

Cataract is a disease which sooner or later will affect all of us. In a large extent it is related to the age and it makes our visual acuity worse. Today, you no longer have to wait until the cataract matures.

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Lens surgery

 After forty years of age, the majority of people start to experience presbyopia. This age-related condition is characterised by worsening near sight (reading) and working vision (working with a computer). Today you can undergo treatment which will provide you quality vision for all three distances with a so called refractive lens exchange.

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Nearsightedness surgery

Nearsightedness is surgically cureable with long term effect and in the most cases also painlessly. Thanks to the wide spectrum of our surgical methods, our specialists can offer you the most suitable and secure surgery for the treatment of your problem with sight.

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Widesightedness surgery

Persistent and painless treatment of your widesightedness is within reach for everyone. Painless laser surgery or refractive lens exchange are the easy way to get rid of your glasses forever.

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Keratoconus surgery

Keratoconus belongs to the group of ectatic corneal diseases. It occurs in one in every 1000 to 1500 people. VESELY Eye Clinic is the only private medical facility in Slovakia, that provides the complete treatment of keratoconus disease in every stage.

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Cornea surgery

Cornea is the clear and transparent texture through which the light rays enter as the first the eye. It is the gateway to the eye and when the cornea is damaged, the light may deform differently and in some cases very weakly or even not at all. VESELY Eye Clinic is the only private healthcare facility, that offers the complete treatment of keratocnous in every stage of disease.

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Glaucoma surgery

Glaucoma belongs into the group of eye diseases, that are connected with high eye pressure and can cause even blindness if not treated correctly and in time. Glaucoma is an eye condition where the optic nerve, which connects your eye to your brain, becomes damaged.

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Retinal surgery

Retina diseases are surgically treatable with long term effect. The development in modern medicine from the last years enable surgical processes from basic ones to more complex and reduce the risks of this diseases.

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