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Expert examination

Diagnosis is the basis of success

Before we offer you the best and safest treatment of your eye problem, we make a very detailed examination.


Presurgical exam

Precise presurgical eye-examination is the basis for the successful surgery. Therefore, we dedicate you enough time at our clinic. This lasts about two hours and gives us results, thanks to which our team of specialists can offer you the most suitable and secure way of treatment of your eye problem.

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Visual acuity exam

Visual acuity defines the bilty of the eye of perceive objects in the surrounding. Examination of this ability is the essential part of prevention. This exam is the basis for all next examinations and eyeglass prescription.

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Fundus exam

One of the most important parts in determinig of diagnosis at an eye doctor is the fundus examination. Many eye diseases can be reliably revealed thanks to this examination.

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Perimetry exam

This examination measures all areas of eyesight and is part of complex eye examination. It is very useful in finding early changes in vision caused by nerve damagefrom glaucoma.

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OCT exam

OCT exam is often used to evaluate disorders of the optic nerve as well. The OCT exam helps see changes to the fibers of the optic nerve, it can also detect changes caused by glaucoma.

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