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Corneal Surgery

Corneal Surgery

Cornea is the clear and transparent texture through which the light rays enter as the first the eye. It is the gateway to the eye and when the cornea is damaged, the light may deform differently and in some cases very weakly or even not at all.


Keratoconus belongs to the group of ectatic corneal diseases. It occurs in one in every 1000 to 1500 people. The cause of this disease is not fully known but it can be assumed that it is an combination of several factors: heredity, mechanical influences or allergy.

The first symptoms of keratoconus occur in the second decade of life (between 10th and 20th year of age). This disease is predominant in young men. Diagnosis is often linked to other diseases, e.g. atopy, Marfan’s Syndrome, Down’s Syndrome, Turner’s Syndrome.

The development of the disease is linked to increased myopia (negative dioptres) and astigmatism (cylindrical dioptres). However, these cannot really be corrected by using spectacles.

In the past, it was only possible to influence the development of the disease by using hard contact lenses. Today´s treatment options are much wider and their suitability depends on the stage of keratoconus.

More information about the keratoconus surgery.

Corneal degenerations and dystrophies

This is a very broad group of diseases that more or less affect the quality of visual acuity and that are often accompanied by a distinct pain, photophobia, and lacrimation.

We consider the treatment depending on which part of the corneal is affected by the disease. Thanks to the complex facilities of VESELY |Eye Clinic we accurately identify the type of the disease and accordingly determine the proper treatment.

In the treatment we use all available therapies, the excimer laser, femtosecond laser, CXL therapy, application of amniotic membrane and transplantation to the cornea.

We performed the first corneal endothelial transplantation in September 2008. Since then, we have also gradually introduced perforation and anterior lamellar transplantation of the cornea into our ambulant surgery.

Currently we are the non-state institution with the largest number of transplants in Slovakia and the largest number of the so called posterior lamellar transplants at all.

Not only patients from all over Slovakia, but also from abroad undergo the corneal transplantation at our clinic.

Infectious diseases and corneal injuries

Corneal injuries caused by accidents or an acute current infection require immediate intervention and treatment.

Our continuously learning doctors apply in the healing process the latest knowledge and practices in the treatment of complicated corneal irritation and pacients and many colleagues from all over Slovakia address our specialists with confidence.